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Lachman Community Development and Consulting

Improving Communities To Solve the Issues that Create Disparity

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Dr. Barry Lachman, President

Dr. Lachman is a nationally recognized leader in healthcare for the underserved. He has over 50 years experience in providing care, program development and administration and advocacy for underserved populations. He has over 25 years experience as a managed care Medical Director, He is nationally recognized for his leadership in the management of asthma and preterm birth prevention. 

His present work as President and CEO of Lachman Community Development and Consulting Services focuses on improving underserved communities and individuals with emphasis on addressing social factors including food insecurity, affordable housing, healthcare access, small business development and workforce development.  Related work focuses on reopening from COVID, new models of care and use of new communication and technology to community based care


  • He was the originator for the idea for the National Health Service Corps, a Federal program that serves 20 million people that is celebrating 50 years of operation in 2020.

  • His asthma work includes serving as the President and Chair of the Clinical Committee of the Texas Asthma Coalition that developed nationally recognized materials for providers and people suffering from asthma, serving as Texas Chapter Champion for the American Academy of Pediatrics Asthma Patient Centered Medical Home Project, being the guiding force behind the asthma predictive model developed by the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation, developing asthma intervention programs that led to a over 40% reduction in asthma costs for Medicaid children by reducing ER visits by over 30% and asthma related admissions by over 50% with results sustained for over five years

  • Served as the Clinical Lead in the Texas Pediatric Society/American Academy of Pediatrics Asthma Clinical Quality Network project where over 40 pediatric practices achieved over 90% compliance with eight recognized criteria for high quality clinical care. 

  • His work with Dallas Area Interfaith showing the relationship of asthma in Dallas to poor housing conditions led to the City of Dallas developing the strictest Housing Code in the United States.

  • With PCCI he was a major force in development of a predictive model for preterm birth that cut predicted preterm birth in a cohort of high risk women by 24% compared to the predicted level and results in a matched control group.

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